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All our writers, editors, and designers are well-qualified individuals, and U.S. based, so English is our native language.  We can work off any drafts you have or we can help you develop any idea on which you have been working.

We want to help you succeed!

We are a national leading writing resource here to help you with all your writing needs.  We have an extensive nationwide network of writers, so you can always match your needs to the perfect writer for your project.

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We have professional business writers for all your business writing needs.  They are experts in:  content writing, technical writing, business plans, business proposal writing, technical writing and editing, graphic design, photography, instruction, and training materials writing.

Business Writing You Need

All business—whether big or small—need a trusted writer.  Whether you have a big or small writing project, or need something rewritten so it reads better and gets results, or you need help editing, proofreading, or designing business materials,RTF Communication Business Writing Services can help.

Our Mission:  RTF Communication supports other businesses with professional expertise in writing, editing, proofreading, and design, for their marketing, operations, and sales needs, resulting in their key to success.

Don’t confuse your customers or clients, employees, or investors with poorly-written business writing.

Our business writing services has professional writers that bring clarity to your written communication, to help your business succeed.  RTF Communication can produce effective business communication.

We can:

•Analyze the need of your target audience.
•Arrange or produce illustrations, charts, photographs, and drawings to be included in documents.

Assist other professionals with the development and production of technical materials.

Author online manuals, websites and other documentation in online format

Collaborate with engineers, technicians and other professionals, and integrate findings into technical documents.

•Compose communication from product developers for users of the products.

Conduct research of technical manuals and journals.
Contract with publishing company a textbook on the mechanics of writing.

Coordinate projects with external vendors.

Create technical, instructional, maintenance, procedure, product and user manuals.

Design promotional material to be camera ready. 

Determine appropriate mix of documentation and reference materials to communicate that value, promote successful customer usage, and demonstrate maximum customer benefit.
Develop all levels of product documentation.
Devise technical product content and technology features of greatest value to customers.
Direct successful media relations activities.
Edit and revise material prepared by other writers.
Ensure accuracy, completion, and consistency of information within documents.
Establish work-around solutions to copy and graphic changes.
Execute and plan marketing campaign that supports the initiatives of contracted company.
Extract product information from technical specifications and interaction with the engineering team.
Formulate web pages for the internet.
Incorporate up-to-date compliance regulations and product changes or enhancements into new creative development.
Index and cross-referenced documents.
Interface with clients to determine needs, analyze and interpret technical information and design appropriate content.
Investigate problem areas and address them in their proper context of writing technical documents.
Maintain effective working relationships with media representatives.
Manage all activities in preparation of labels for products and in compliance with FDA requirements.
Monitor quality of written materials.
Originate column on mechanics of writing for national publication.
Oversee as well as prepare layout of material for publication.

Perform quality assurance tasks to ensure high level of work quality throughout the documentation process.
Prepare technical and instructional articles for national publications.
Produce easy-to-use customer product documentation and user reference materials.
Proofread materials for conformance to established standards, styles, and quality.

Provide peer review and editing support.
Regulate consistency and set standards in various communication vehicles.
Research various schematics, design specifications, diagrams, and test specifications.
Search for trends in demographics, visibility and market perceptions, and published findings.
Select appropriate format, developed detailed outlines and wrote text.
Supervise all activities in preparation of product catalogs.
Supply rough drafts of publications for review with the project staff.
Teach and developed training classes.
Track changes for materials needing revision upon reprint.
Utilize engineering drawings and design specifications and incorporate into technical documents.
Write technical documents on contract for various corporations.


If your product is not on our list, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it, so please contact us.


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