business plans

Business Plan for Starting or Ongoing Business

A business plan is a written tool that explains how your business operates, which is vital to the success of any business.  Used to monitor the progress, give accountability, and to control the future of the business, having a written business plan is vital to the success of a business.  A business plan gives one the ability to review and evaluate all aspects of the business including:  marketing, operations, financial planning, staffing, and growth.  It also is a powerful tool for luring future investors.  Having projections written in the business plan is a great motivator for reaching one’s goals.  A business plan can also help in recruiting talent for a business to nurture growth.

A business plan can have different phases, and you go to the next phase when you succeed in the first.  So for growth purposes, a business plan is great.

Another reason to have a good business plan is that managers and key players in your business can refer to the original plan when they are looking toward an expansion.  This can help keep the original concept as it was meant to be, or you’ll be able to see where change is needed.

If you don’t have a business plan in place, the time to get one written is now.


business proposals

Business Proposal Can Help You Get a Contract

A business proposal is a document sent to a prospective client in order to obtain a particular job.  Understanding the client’s needs and proposing how to match them in a written document, helps finalize the deal.  Typically, a business proposal tells the buyer of his or her services and/or products and capabilities to     satisfying the buyer’s needs, which stresses the importance of having a well-written business proposal.  Our writing services have technical writers who can produce a professional business proposal that will highlight your strengths, which can help clear any reservations and assumptions that a client might have about your     products or services.  Our writers also know what elements are needed in a good business proposal.

Our technical writers can help you set clear expectations, which helps develop a good business relationship with that prospective client.

To help your business grow and to obtain new clients, let our technical writers create your business proposal.


content writing

Content Writing by Experts

Our content writers can write the perfect content for a website page on topics written according to your exact requirement.  Original and unique content will be written by our content writers, with rapid turnaround time.  Typically, content for informational website pages are 300-500 words of well-written text, and include any applicable research.  Our expert content writers know that good content is vital to your success.

Good content writing is vital to success of a website.  Popular search engines are particular about content of your website for high ranking.  It is important to vary or update content regularly to entice visitors to your site, and to lure new visitors.  If new content is not added regularly, you could be penalized by leading search engines, which would mean, you could fall down further on the list when people do a search for your type of business or product.

Our content writers can write copy that includes your keywords so that you can achieve a higher ranking on search engines.  Content writing can also include blog posts; if you don’t have a blog one can be added to your website.

Blogs, as well as social media, engage your customers or clients, and can keep them updated on new developments and events within your industry or business. If information on your business website is outdated, a potential customer might think your services or products are outdated.

Our professional business writing service can help you with all your content writing needs.


technical writing

Technical Writing by Professional Writers

Our technical writers have great writing, technical, and design skills and strive for concision and clarity, while persuading customers to use your business or service.  Good technical writing is crucial in multiple industries, because without clear and precise writing, a product or service can become a failure.  Good technical writing is needed for product   descriptions, instructions, user manuals, sales materials, and more.  Good technical writing can pitch new products, services, or ideas; for investors,  management, patents; training manuals, policy and procedure manuals; end users, and consumers.

Good technical writing can help persuade an investor or a client, and can save a business much time and money.  Our technical writers can help bridge the gap between your product or service and your client or end user.  Good documentation can determine the success of a product or service.  Our technical writers can provide clear writing resulting in effective communication, with professional formatting and presentation.


writing services

Writing Services for all Your Business Writing Needs

Our writing services can produce top-quality business plans, business proposals, content writing, and other technical writing.  We also can write policy and procedure manuals that can help you save money on your business insurance, as insurance companies look for policies and procedures involving safety and precautions in your business place.

We also provide writing services for press releases; a press release can lure customers to your business as the media is always looking for the latest developments and events in your industry.  Our writers can help you get media attention.

If your written materials are not easily understood, and have typographical, spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, your business can look inferior and a result could be lost business.  We provide writing services that help you overcome this.  Our writers’ native language is English, which is crucial to conveying a clear message to your clients or customers.

We have developed a team of professional writers who will support you with professional expertise in writing, editing, proofreading, and designing, resulting in your success.  If you are overwhelmed by writing projects that need to be completed, give our writing services a try, as we can help you with fresh ideas, keep consistency in branding, and present your products and services with the edge to stay on top of the competition.