on-site or off-site seminars include:

Valerie Hockert
Curriculum Writer

Problem Solving and Logical Reasoning


In negotiating and solving problems, one needs skills of logical reasoning relative to problem solving and related argument analysis. This program will teach you to provide evidence and well-reasoned support for asserted solutions and/or positions within frameworks of clarity, depth, precision, relevance, and fairness.

Organizational Communication


Your professional image is valuable in the way you communicate with others. Develop an understanding of typical models used to convey different types of oral and written business communications, including, but not limited to: memos, sales letters, proposals, reports, email, and presentations.

Technical Communication/Report Writing


This program will teach you to apply the principles and practices of writing generally used in business and industry presentations. Designing primary research instruments and evaluating results will be emphasized. Professional publications, graphs, abstracts and technical documentation are also covered.

Media Communication and Society


This program is designed for business professionals who need to interact/function within various media settings. This program includes how media content is processed and delivered to a variety of audiences.

Written Communications for Management Professionals


Today's professional needs to understand the importance of audience and purpose in the communication process, and understand the principles of written business communication and the way those principles dictate format, organization, and tone.

Valerie Hockert - Instructor, Curriculum Writer, Author

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