Frequently Asked Questions About Our Business Writing Service


What is your availability?

We are usually available between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm CST, Monday – Friday.  We occasionally check email on the weekend, but we are generally not in the office.  However, feel free to send an email regarding our business writing services during the weekend, and we will get to answering it Monday morning if not sooner.

What do you charge?
We realize that in today’s economy that our clients are looking for a good value.  Due to our high technological virtual environment, we are able to pass a huge savings to you and charge substantially less than some other professional writers or business writing services.  However, we are professional writers, and charge more than some foreign entities whose native language is not English.

How do I pay you?
We accept payment through PayPal, who in turn takes all major credit cards.  We also request that one half of the quoted fee is paid in advance, and the remainder is due upon completion of the project.  If the quoted fee is less than $100, the entire fee is due before work commences.  Please realize that we have probably not met before, and this is how most virtual businesses operate.

What timeframe will you need to complete my project?
Time needed to work on a project depends on the availability of our business writers and how many other projects they are working on at any given time.  Generally, we can get started as soon as we have you on our schedule.  We put you on our schedule as soon as we get first installment for a project.  If you have a rush situation, it means that our writers may have to work extra time, so an extra fee may be attached.  However, we do our best to meet your schedule.  Shorter projects can be fitted in more easily into our writers’ schedules; whereas longer projects—such as business plans, policy and procedure manuals—may take a bit longer, but usually can still be completed within a couple weeks.  Ghostwriting a longer piece such as a book, could take a couple months.  If you have an urgent project on your list, the time to get started is sooner rather than later.

Are you able to ensure confidentiality of my project?
Our policy is to maintain complete confidentiality of your subject, which is why we do not publish complete examples of works on our website.  However, if you contract with our business writers to write marketing pieces, you may authorize us to further distribute your material, or pass on any information in whatever way we deem appropriate to help you promote sales.

Do I own the finished project, or do you?
Regarding most all work, once you have paid our fee in full, the copyright is yours.  However, if the full fee remains unpaid, after 30 days, the copyright is ours.  Some of our documents are created from our document library, and therefore the copyright would be ours.  Those generally are standard forms, such as those on our Products page.

What do you need to write about my subject and complete my project?
First we listen to your needs, and take notes.  In some cases, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire; some cases there will be phone conversations.  You can send us what you have completed thus far if you have started a project, or any notes you may have.  For some topics, we often do research in order to complete them, getting enough information to help you accomplish your objective.

Can you complete my partially finished product?
Yes, we also have an editing and proofreading service.  We can put finishing touches on your work, or totally rewrite it, depending upon what you need.  Since we keep our mission in mind of helping you succeed, we will evaluate what you have and advise you whether it needs to be rewritten or just polished and edited, or if more material is needed.  Often times, clients begin a business plan, but don’t know how to complete it.  They then send us what they have, and our business writers complete it.

I need a policy and procedure manual for licensing in a different state; can your business writing service write this?
Yes, our business writers research the laws in the chosen state, and write your policy and procedure manual according to what that particular state requires for your particular business.

I have a business plan written in three pages, but it needs to be much longer.  Can you help?
Yes, we can take your idea and put it into a business plan.  In this case, you will probably be sent a questionnaire, to which you will need to answer a short list of questions.  Or in some cases, our business writers can accomplish this through a phone conversation.

I have a book I have handwritten; how do I get it to you?
One option is to scan each page—or go to a service center that can scan it for you---and then email it to us.  However, in longer pieces, you would be able to mail the document to us.  If you are mailing something though, it is highly recommended that you do not send the original, but a copy instead.

I have a bunch or recipes that I would like to put in a cookbook.  Can you help?
Yes, our business writers have done many cookbooks as well.  Sometimes a cookbook can be sold in a person’s place of business (for example, a bed and breakfast or restaurant), but occasionally a client wants a cookbook for personal or family use.

Do you have the capability of printing books?
At this time we do not, but once the book is completed, we can suggest different options, and sometimes assist in setting up an account with a print-on-demand service.

Any there any writing projects you will not accept?
We’ll let you know if we cannot accept your project when you contact us.  As long as it is a legitimate business, not illegal, or pornographic, we issue a quote and accept the project, and get it on the calendar after the initial payment is made.

How do I get started?
Contact us and tell us about your project and request a quote.